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Dec. 11th, 2011


f(SHINee)'s 'Be My Valentine' Fic Competition!

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Jul. 1st, 2011


SHINee and f(x) fanworks community!


A Fanworks Comm

Welcome to [info]fxshinee, a community dedicated to the romantic relationships between SHINee and f(x) members. Here you can post fanfictions, graphics or icons, fanvideos, and any other fanmade material relating to these two groups only. 

Oct. 11th, 2008



[Video]: JongHyun and KyuHyun "Goose's Dream"

Oooohhh... I just found out JongHyun and KyuHyun (from Super Junior) had a duet together during the SM Concert '08. It really surprised me :)

If you haven't listened or seen it yet, you can watch it here :). There's also another one. A fancam which you can watch here :D

I love both of their voices. The voices are great combined together :)

Oct. 10th, 2008



JongHyun's Iple message

I just found something interesting :). Someone posted the translation of JongHyun's Iple Message on dbsg and there he mentioned something about his sunbaenims :)
I thought it was cute when I read the message :)

Go here to read the Iple Message :)

credits to quirky_love  who shared it with others :)


[Mod Post]: Question

Hi, everyone

I was just wondering...

For having a real start in the community... what do all of you think of having a layout contest in the shineejonghyun</lj>  community? Would you all like to have this contest? Interested?

If there are members who would like to have this contest, then I am willing to put up a post for the contest :) Until then, I'll be waiting for your answers :)

Oct. 7th, 2008



[Video]: MNet Reality Show

Hi, everyone

I haven't done much to the JongHyun community T_T, because I've been busy with school and stuff. Have to study and study and study to get a good grade, because I failed last time :(

But... let's forget about that and start with a post in the JongHyun community,hm? I've just found a video on youtube where JongHyun and Key were singing DBSK's song "Hug". They were really funny. I couldn't help but LOL at them.

If you haven't watched it yet, you can watch it here :) Have fun watching :D ^________^

Oct. 2nd, 2008




Hi, your mod here ^__^

Let's start with the first post. The rules!

Just follow the rules and we'll create a big and happy JongHyun community for everyone :)


1. Join first if you're a fan of Kim JongHyun
2. The shineejonghyun community is free for everyone to join
3. No bashing allowed.
4. Everything related to Kim JongHyun is allowed here (media, fanfiction, graphics etc.)
5. Please state your subject title when you post
6. Please tag all posts. Tags are here
7. Every large post should be lj-cut
8. All fics above the rating PG, should be f-locked
9. Requests for everything related to JongHyun is allowed
10. For advertisements, please ask the mod first :)
11. All personal things outside the community
12. Any suggestions or questions about the community are open for the mod to hear. Please, contact me then :)
13. Enjoy your stay here :)


Welcome Post

Hi, everyone! *waves*

Welcome to the Kim JongHyun communty :) The reason for this community is simple. To just spread more JongHyun ♥ :)
Please do join and make this community as lively as you can :)

Let's spread the JongHyun love :)

photo credit to: jonghyun_aday 

ps. I'm still working on creating the whole community, please be patient with me